Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Graft)

To help his patients achieve a firmer, rounder, more prominent behind, Dr. Pedro Torminn offers the Brazilian butt lift procedure.  The technique, developed and perfected by Brazilian plastic surgeons, is rooted in fat grafting. During the fat grafting procedure, Dr. Pedro Torminn extracts a patient’s own fat cells from regions such as the abdomen, thighs, back, and arms, purifies the extraction, and injects the fat into the tissue of the buttocks.  Because the procedure utilizes a patient’s own fat, there is no risk of rejection, which can occur with butt lift techniques that use artificial implants.

The Brazilian butt lift is currently considered to be the most effective method of enhancing the contours of the buttock region.  Aside from a small risk of fat reabsorption over time, which can necessitate a minor “touch up” procedure, there are nearly no detrimental side effects to the surgery.  To learn more about how Dr. Torminn can help you achieve a perkier, shapelier rear end, contact our office to schedule a consultation.