Women who are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts can trust Dr. Pedro Torminn to produce beautiful, natural-looking results through safe, time-tested breast procedures. During his two decades of experience in performing various breast surgeries – including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction – Dr. Torminn has helped thousands of women feel more satisfied with the appearance of their breasts and regain confidence in their figures.


Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation involves the artful placement of silicone or saline-filled implants either above or beneath the chest muscle to increase the size of the bust. During an initial pre-evaluation, Dr. Torminn informs each patient of her options so she can make educated decisions about the size, shape, and type of implants used. As with all procedures performed by Dr. Torminn, he uses his keen artistic eye and finely honed surgical skill to produce the most natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing results possible. To accommodate each patient’s unique goals and needs, Dr. Torminn may use one of several possible incision locations to perform the breast augmentation procedure:


Periareolar (Nipple) Incision


By placing breast implants thro ugh incisions made around the borders of the areola (the darkened tissue surrounding the nipple), Dr. Torminn is able to provide stunning results with minimal post-operative scarring. The periareolar incision is usually the choice for patients who choose to combine their breast augmentation with a breast lift. This is because both procedures can be performed using the same incisions, which further minimizes the appearance of scarring. Dr. Torminn begins the procedure by making thin incisions along the border of the areola (see figures). Scars that form as a result of this type of incision tend to blend in with the natural pigmentation of the areola and are therefore difficult to see. Through these discreet incisions, Dr. Torminn is able to place the implant precisely in the desired location in the chest. Because the incisions are so small, they usually heal relatively quickly, thus decreasing recovery time after the procedure. As with any procedure, there are risks associated with periareolar breast augmentation, including a temporary loss of sensation in the nipple and pain during recovery. However, these risks are fairly rare and are generally offset by the beautiful results that Dr. Torminn achieves.



Transaxillary (Underarm) Incision


Through a transaxillary, or underarm, incision, Dr. Torminn is able to place implants without disturbing the actual breast tissue (see figures). The location of the incision allows Dr. Torminn to place implants under the breast tissue without any resulting scars on the breast itself. It also minimizes potential complications with breastfeeding after surgery, although this particular side effect is rare in any event. Because this is the most complex of all breast augmentation procedures, it is important that you select a surgeon who is as experienced and dedicated as Dr. Torminn to ensure that you achieve the best results possible.


Submammary (Inframammary Crease) Incision


Perhaps the most widely used technique for breast augmentation, the submammary (or inframammary crease) incision allows Dr. Torminn to work near to the breast while placing the implants. The incisions are made just above the inframammary crease, the point at which the breast connects to the chest (see figure). The close proximity of the incision to the implant position allows Dr. Torminn to have more control during the procedure. Typically, the resulting scars can only be seen when the patient is lying down.




Breast Lift


 A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to restore a more youthful appearance to breasts that have begun to sag. During the procedure, Dr. Torminn removes unwanted fat and tissue from the breasts, tightening the skin and recontouring the breasts to a more desirable shape. The procedure actually involves several cosmetic techniques that work together to elevate and rejuvenate the breasts. Generally, several incisions (please see photo) are placed discreetly in and around the breasts, through which excess fat and skin are removed and the underlying muscles are tightened. Liposuction and breast augmentation with implants are also commonly performed in conjunction with breast lift surgery. Because the decision to undergo breast lift should be made only after the patient fully understands her options, as well as the risks and benefits associated with the procedure, it is important to schedule a pre-evaluation with Dr. Torminn.



 Breast Reduction


There are many reasons to undergo breast reduction surgery. Women who have disproportionately large breasts can find it difficult to be active, do daily chores, or find clothing that fits properly. In addition, oversized breasts can cause health problems such as back and neck pain, strain from support garments, and painful chafing and skin infections. Women with oversized breasts may also feel insecure about their appearance, especially if they are the subjects of unwanted attention. Breast reduction surgery, however, gives these women a chance to live happier, healthier lives. During the breast reduction procedure, Dr. Torminn makes several incisions around the breast in order to access the mammary tissue beneath (see photos). Through these tiny incisions, Dr. Torminn is able to remove excess tissue and skin as well as recontour the breasts to a more proportionate shape and size. After the procedure is complete, the breasts appear perkier and more in balance with the other elements of the body.