Periareolar (Nipple) Incision

By placing breast implants thro ugh incisions made around the borders of the areola (the darkened tissue surrounding the nipple), Dr. Torminn is able to provide stunning results with minimal post-operative scarring. The periareolar incision is usually the choice for patients who choose to combine their breast augmentation with a breast lift. This is because both procedures can be performed using the same incisions, which further minimizes the appearance of scarring. Dr. Torminn begins the procedure by making thin incisions along the border of the areola (see figures). Scars that form as a result of this type of incision tend to blend in with the natural pigmentation of the areola and are therefore difficult to see. Through these discreet incisions, Dr. Torminn is able to place the implant precisely in the desired location in the chest. Because the incisions are so small, they usually heal relatively quickly, thus decreasing recovery time after the procedure. As with any procedure, there are risks associated with periareolar breast augmentation, including a temporary loss of sensation in the nipple and pain during recovery. However, these risks are fairly rare and are generally offset by the beautiful results that Dr. Torminn achieves.