Breast Reduction

There are many reasons to undergo breast reduction surgery. Women who have disproportionately large breasts can find it difficult to be active, do daily chores, or find clothing that fits properly. In addition, oversized breasts can cause health problems such as back and neck pain, strain from support garments, and painful chafing and skin infections. Women with oversized breasts may also feel insecure about their appearance, especially if they are the subjects of unwanted attention. Breast reduction surgery, however, gives these women a chance to live happier, healthier lives. During the breast reduction procedure, Dr. Torminn makes several incisions around the breast in order to access the mammary tissue beneath (see photos). Through these tiny incisions, Dr. Torminn is able to remove excess tissue and skin as well as recontour the breasts to a more proportionate shape and size. After the procedure is complete, the breasts appear perkier and more in balance with the other elements of the body.